Diversity and Inclusion Analysis

An intent to change is a start. However, organisations need to be absolutely clear about what they need to change and why.

Our diagnostic tools help those leading the change to determine strengths and weaknesses of the “current state” for the organisation from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders –  customers/service users, employees, business partners, investors and society at large. The tools provide the data which identify key business drivers and turn vague intent into focused determination.

With our global experience and database, we are able to help organisations benchmark – both against different local markets and other global companies.

Diagnostic tools to identify key business drivers

With a sound evidence-base, leaders can decide a set of business-driven priorities. All our diagnostic work culminates in practical recommendations and we pride ourselves on developing proposals that get implemented and lead to sustained improvements in performance.

Sometimes, we carry out this work with a focus on one dimension of diversity (for instance, on gender). More often it is looking at diversity and inclusion “in the round”.

Below are examples of our work in this area. Please click on the title for more information:

 A diversity & inclusion survey in Qatar

An audit of progress: measures of success & accountabilities

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