Diversity and Inclusion Research

Ever since 1991, when we wrote the UK’s first business textbook on diversity, we have been dedicated to carrying out leading-edge research. We deliberately focus on identifying best practice across leading organisations in both the private and public sectors – sometimes the focus of the research is local (in the UK, across Europe or Asia Pacific) more often it is global.

We have not shied away from challenging topics – such as the ground-breaking research we carried out for the Employers’ Forum on Disability which showed that leading employers were actually in favour of new legislation (ahead of the UK’s Disability Discrimination Act) or the research for the Runnymede Trust on the issue of race in the FTSE 100.

In 2000, we co-founded the Global Diversity Network with BP, which brings together a number of multinationals to explore leading practice. We run this network as part of our not-for-profit activities, and carry out research assignments commissioned by the members.

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