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The What it means to work effectively on Diversity and Inclusion in different countries around the world is still an under-researched area and this was even more so when we began working with clients in this way in the mid 1990s.

The following are all research reports that are all available in the public domain:

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 Gathering diversity demographic data globally

 The power of inclusion summit (Delhi): voting results & observations

 How companies in India are leveraging the business benefits of diversity & inclusion

 Diversity & inclusion : a lever for solving talent pool dilemmas in India & China

 Diversity & inclusiveness : what companies can do to accelerate demographic change

The Global Diversity Network (GDN)

In 2000, in partnership with BP, we launched the Global Diversity Network as a vehicle for companies to share their experiences and to collaborate around key challenges.

Over the last decade Barclays, BP, BT, Cadbury, Cable & Wireless, Convergys, Deutsche Bank, Dow Chemicals, Google, Kodak, KPMG, Kraft, National Australia Bank, Nokia, PepsiCo, PMI, Schlumberger, Starbucks, Shell, Tyco, Unilever and Vodafone have all played an active part in network activities.

Companies now come together on a project basis, as they did most recently when Google sponsored research into the process by which multi-national gather diversity demographic data globally.

The study involved 12 multinational organisations who explored: (1) the demographic data that they keep in their HR database and other management systems and how this differs from country to country and (2) how they gather these data and what use they make of other diagnostic processes such as global people surveys, employee networks and focus groups.

Do contact us if you have a global diversity research topic that you would like to explore on a collaborative basis with other companies.

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