HR Training and Policy Advice

Many HR policies and procedures are failing to deliver the diverse and inclusive results that organisations are looking for. Our diagnostic processes pinpoint outcomes that need to change and review how policies – or the way that they are being implemented – act as barriers.

We help HR policy experts to take a fresh look at both specific policies and wider systems. We have identified excellent, inclusive leaders and analysed what it is they do. From this we have developed a set of inclusive leadership competencies. Our policy review tools enable organisations to ensure their talent management processes really do identify and develop the best and break down the barriers that can get in their way.

We also understand how, for instance, work-life issues play out in different countries around the world and how to address the aspects that are of most concern locally.

Most importantly, we know how to bring the policy experts “on board”. They need to own the changes and see that the focus on D&I enables them to put in place better policies which work for all of today’s diverse employees. We run workshops specifically for HR staff to build their capabilities to lead these reviews.

Below are examples of our work in this area. Please click on the title for more information:

Reviewing Talent Management Processes

D&I Workshops For The Top 400 in HR Globally

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