Inclusive Leadership and Unconscious Bias

RunnersOrganisations change because people do things differently – and some people (like those in leadership roles and in HR positions) have a decisive impact on organisational culture.

Rarely these days do we find senior leaders who are consciously hostile to diversity, but we all have “limiting beliefs” and unconscious biases we are unaware of. Giving people space to recognise and challenge these “limiting beliefs” enables them to make new choices about how they behave.

Our highly interactive, experiential Inclusive Leadership Workshops give people real breakthroughs, that allow them to continue to push their learning and develop into role-model leaders. Sometimes we combine our skills with Steps to deliver drama based training in this area.

Increasingly, our clients are seeing the value of 1:1 coaching as a way of deepening senior leaders’ ability to transform their capability. We have designed a simple Inclusive Leadership Feedback Process which combines self-assessment with feedback on leadership behaviours, and this often forms part of our coaching offering. (For more information on leadership coaching, please visit our sister site Rachael Ross Coaching.)

Building capability – helping people do things differently

In global organisations, managing across cross-cultural boundaries can really get in the way of effective collaboration, not least when a new joint venture is being launched or a company is expanding into a new country. We have developed a series of cross cultural self-assessment tools and often explore this theme as part of our leadership workshops.

Unconscious Bias is another key theme in our leadership programmes. Exploring the latest thinking on the neuroscience and psychology behind our thinking is fascinating for delegates. We go on to surface the bias that gets in the way of balanced decision making and challenge delegates as they make plans to change their behaviour as leaders. We develop short workshops on this, or include it in longer leadership programmes, often combind with 1:1 coaching to deepen the learning.

We offer Facilitator Training programmes to equip internal change agents to deliver the workshops themselves.

We develop virtual learning interventions which can both help create an appetite for attending face-to-face training and sustain and deepen the learning afterwards.

To find out more about our training for leaders and professionals in HR, see “Excellence in HR through Diversity and Inclusion”.

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Inclusive Leadership Workshops

Executive Coaching

Managing Cross Culturally

Internal Facilitator Training

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