Moments Of Truth – Tackling Unconscious Bias In Vodafone

Moments Of Truth – Tackling Unconscious Bias In Vodafone
on February 25, 2016 in Diversity and Inclusion Articles, News

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Karina Govindji, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion comments:

“It’s been an extremely collaborative partnership – lots of creativity and ideas – going above and beyond our expectations in terms of support.”

Click here to listen to what Karina Govindji, Vodafone’s Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, has to say about this collaboration – and see some clips from the scenarios.

When Vodafone asked us to help them take a highly practical, engaging approach to unconscious bias, that they could use globally, we leapt at the chance. One of the challenges with this topic is that it has often been over-theoretical – interesting, but not necessarily helping people make a breakthrough in terms of changing their behaviour. Our focus has always been on shifting culture by stimulating people to try out doing things differently, so were excited about bringing this approach to the assignment.

We began by interviewing contacts in HQ and key markets outside the UK

On the basis of this feedback we agreed with Vodafone 5 “Moments of Truth” and associated learning outcomes

Collaborating with our long-term partners Steps, we developed scripts to bring these to life

Steps then pulled together an outstanding international cast and produced the scenarios

We then pulled together a Train the Trainer manual, a walk through of the key learning points for each scenario in a filmed guide and ran a session to equip internal facilitators to deliver

Robin Schneider managed the overall project and comments:

“In 4 months we moved from concept to completion. Critical to this was the way we all worked together. Vodafone input was vital at every stage and we really enjoyed working with the new  team in HQ of Karina Govindji and Ritika Lal. We have also had now over 7 years of partnering with Steps, and have a deep well of mutual trust and respect, so we knew we would deliver a great product. They understand the learning we are trying to get across and bring a wonderful deft touch that enables people to ‘get’ the subtleties – the throw-away looks and lines that say so much about what people are actually thinking and feeling.” 
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