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We are delighted that National Grid has chosen to feature the board evaluation we carried out for them so prominently in their annual report. The Chairman, Sir Peter Gershon, sets the scene in his Statement where he explains “The challenges we have over the coming year in the UK and US require a fresh focus, so we have been investing time and effort to develop the Board, refreshing its balance of skills, experience, knowledge and diversity.”  In the Corporate Governance section of the report, the company sets out how we conducted the review and shares some of the ensuing actions. We are proud to have helped National Grid break new ground – becoming the first FTSE 100 company to carry out an external board evaluation through the lens of diversity and inclusion.

Robin Schneider says:

“We really enjoyed doing our first FTSE 100 Board Evaluation and we have now carried out a board evaluation for a national charity. This work calls on the combination of experiences and skills that we have built up over our working lives – understanding what it takes for senior teams to develop a culture of constructive challenge, where excellent decisions are made because a diverse group of Directors have the right qualities of listening, mutual respect and inclusion.”


National Grid Board Evaluation

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