Not For Profit (NFP)

Not For Profit (NFP)

At Schneider~Ross we have an ambition to contribute to the fast evolving world of diversity and inclusion in a way that moves beyond what we can achieve for a particular client. In addition, we also recognise our responsibilities to society at large and, over the years, we have often carried out ‘pro bono’ work to support organisations doing excellent work in this field who could not (or should not) afford our fees.

Accordingly, In October 2005 we set up a formal not-for-profit wing of Schneider~Ross to carry out these two activities:

1. To undertake multi-client projects which identify, share and develop best practice in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion

2. To offer pro bono time to support voluntary and not for profit activities in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion

It is on this not-for-profit basis that we run the Global Diversity Network for a number of prestigious multinationals. We also run seminar programmes (so far we have run two – one on sexual orientation and another on age discrimination) and we are developing a programme of leading edge research.

Pro bono work has long been a feature of what we do. Alexis Walmsley, our research consultant, became a Trustee for Parents at Work in 2001 and is now a Trustee for Working Families – the charity formed following the merger of Parents at Work with New Ways to Work. She comments: “I’ve really appreciated being able to devote some of my time to this important charity – particularly as it provides support for so many disadvantaged families endeavouring to combine employment and caring. Being the working parent of a teenager with a disability myself, I have a special interest in their Waving not Drowning project because it is the only initiative focused on helping parents of children with disabilities who want to work.”

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