Global Diversity Strategy Development

Schneider~Ross has supported many leading organisations in developing their global D&I strategies. We work at executive level and with non-executive Directors (main Boards are taking an increasing interest in this area). Often we advise bringing together a line-led Steering Group of leaders to help shape the strategy and its implementation.

Critical to success are some specific goals and measures which relate to progress on D&I. Leaders can then be held accountable for change – what gets measured by, gets done. What is vital, of course, is that organisations choose the right measures to drive the right leadership behaviours.

Achieving lasting success in this area, involves culture change. Our experience means we know what it takes to translate strategy into achieving diverse and inclusive organisational outcomes. It is about aligning individual, interpersonal and organisational change.

Below are examples of our work in this area. Please click on the title for more information:

A Strategic Review

Developing A Global Strategy For A Major Financial Services Company

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